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that they are cutting the taxes when we have such a big budget deficit. >> reporter: the vehicle registration fee is reduced to 6.5%. another $1.4 billion loss to the state. though many taxpayers welcome the relief, others see more damage to california. >> i worry about the people that will be laid off because they won't have enough money. it'll be out of their control. >> they're already cutting very essential services, and i don't see how this is going to help solve any problems at all. >> i think we're going to have some more discussion about this. probably before the next election. >> reporter: government downsizing in all levels seems to be a permanent thing.
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tom vacar, ktvu news. the governor signed the state budget just one day before the new fiscal year began. the spending plan includes cuts to higher education, welfare and the court. the governor hinted he hasn't given up on putting a tax measure on the ballot. >> before we get finished, i bet we're going to have to go back to the people and get their vote on how we're going to do things going forward. >> reporter: the budget relies on optimistic revenue projection. if that money doesn't come through more cuts will be made. the gop is claiming victory because the budget does not include the tax extensions the governor pushed for. >> our agenda was to put the money back in the taxpayers pocket. our agenda was to prioritize with what dollars we had and put them in a place where we feel are more important to taxpayers. >> reporter: the president of the howard jarvis taxpayers association says lower taxes
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will help everyone and hopefully will jump start the economy. has a complete break down. you can also watch more of the governor's comments after he signed it just look under the economy watch tab. san jose police officers said goodbye to 67 of their fellow officers all casualties of city budget cuts. ktvu's maureen naylor was there for the emotional farewells. maureen-- >> reporter: frank we spoke with the san jose police chief and he calls this the worse day of this police department because for the first time they had to lay off officers. police officers waited in line for minutes to do something that was pending for months. turn over their badge, and i.d. that means so much to them. >> if it were up to me, i would grab my gear and be on time and do the best job i could. >> reporter: outside the union
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hall, a somber procession of those that followed. >> if there's a chance i will get brought back in. i don't know if i will come in, i have a lot of bitterness against the council and the department and i don't know if i can overcome that right now. >> reporter: this 37-year-old husband with his first baby on the way lost his job. >> i am trying to stay positive and hopefully this is just a bump in my career. >> reporter: this career war veteran has already found a new job. san jose has 111 officers and police chief says it will impact policing. >> we do know that our response times are going to increase. we will continue to focus on violent crimes, particularly gang crimes and certainly the homicides. but it may very well be that a lot of the property crimes will not get the level of attention they did in the past. >> reporter: he maintains san jose still has one of the best
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police agencies. adding he's been inundated from inquiries wanting to hire the outgoing officers. reporting live in san jose, maureen naylor. one hiker is dead and another is missing. park officials say the two men were swept over a bridge. one body was recovered a short time later. rangers spent today looking for the second body. those powerful waterfalls in yosemite national park are attracting big crowds. this year's heavy rainfall has caused the falls to swell creating those potentially dangerous situations. >> obviously there was water there, you know obviously they saw that there were dangerous conditions but they made the decision to cross the bridge. >> reporter: yosemite has banned ratcheting on the merced river until water levels drop. park officials say they will
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look for the second hikers body through the 4th of july weekend. the san francisco police -- investigators released a photo of the suspect rosolamdo sicad. they said he opened fire on officers who were trying to arrest him. >> there's a picture of the assault rifle that was found in the front seat, front passenger seat of his vehicle. it was fully loaded. >> reporter: san francisco police say they have a goal of conducting community meetings within a week of any officer involved shooting in the city. the family of missing nursing student michelle le said today there is no truth to a report that calls were made on le's cell phone to nevada and arizona after her disappearance. hayward police say they did go to reno to check with le's
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friends and gathered useful information. the 26-year-old was sent to visit reno when she disappeared may 27th. le's brother tells ktvu an arizona woman sent him a facebook picture saying police had come by. >> i tried contacting her after i heard the news, she hasn't gotten back to me. i tried calling her and she hasn't gotten back with me. >> today investigators said they did contact a woman from arizona but that lead had not been much help. prosecutors say these eight agreed not to bid against each other at auctions in contra costa and alameda counties. prosecutors say investors would hold a private sale among themselves after the private action and sometimes paid others not to bid on properties. >> a new breed of clean up crews is hitting the streets of
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oakland. only on 2, the men are on a new path helping the cities. >> reporter: there are bottles, food wrappers, papers everyone a hub cap. but you should see less trash thanks to this new crew. it is nothing new, garbage of all sorts. what is new is this crew dedicated to cleaning up countless bags of refuge. and they focus on roads crossing oakland. >> reporter: they are parolees doing jobs you would not want to do. >> reporter: the oakland parolee day reporting center
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runs the -month-old program under contract with caltrans. but art thompson is both foreman and counselor. >> at some point in time we have to reintegrate their way back into society. and that's what this is all about. >> reporter: it's not >> reporter: -- >> it is not bad in this area. >> reporter: it is dangerous, not only the passing traffic but syringes found. >> i think somebody was living down there. >> reporter: this job is considered a start. >> doing what we can to be a part of society. >> reporter: the program has a contract for three years before these individual parolees they only work on this crew for 90 days. they hope by doing a good job that they can turn these into permanent positions. ken pritchett, ktvu channel 2 news. a judge says lawsuits
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accusing google of illegally collecting data from wireless networks can go forward. the mountain view based internet giant is apologizing for gathering the data during street view mapping sessions. google says it didn't mean to break the law. a u.s. district court judge says privacy protections still apply. a woman from fremont is accused of stealing more than $800 million from citigroup investors. 43-year-old lance moon was arrested yesterday. a grand jury indicted her earlier this month on six counts of mail fraud. moon diverted funds from clients and used the money for personal expenses. she worked for citigroup until 2008. a catholic bishop who's diocese has been hit by lawsuits has resigned.
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the bishop apologized and was not charged. a diocese spokesperson says walsh is tired and has been wanting to step down for the past two years. the diocese spent $5 million to settle lawsuits over the alleged abuse. 31 rabbits are up for adoption after being rescued from inhumane conditions in the east bay. the rabbits were found in a home near oakland's lake merit last week. the animals were kept in wire cages and lived on top of each other. it appear it is rabbits were kept for food. >> we want them to be as a part of a home just like dogs and cats. >> reporter: we're here at the toll plaza where suddenly many drivers are going to be paying more to hit the road this holiday weekend. we'll tell you how much more and why. back here in just about 10 minutes, i have tomorrow's
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forecast. it includes a pretty big warm up for your weekend. i'll show you the biggest warm up for your friday. a positive economic report from the midwest and the passage of a cost cutting measure in greece encouraged investors. the dow raised 153 points the nasdaq rose 33.
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amtrak is suing a nevada trucking company for negligence in the wake of that deadly accident between a semi truck and a train in nevada last week. the lawsuit is seeking $5 million in damages. it says the john davies trucking company failed to properly train the driver who hit the train. six people died including the truck driver. a bill banning alcohol sales self-check out stands is one step closer to becoming
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law. the measure has been approved by the government organization committee. san francisco lawmakers fiona key created the bill. unions representing clerks are pushing the measure. ktvu's sal castaneda explains the fee hike and also who will have to pay more and where, sal. >> reporter: frank here at the toll plaza, there's a lot of people that are not going to be really happy to roll up on it this holiday weekend. people are going to be paying more, commercial truck drivers but also many recreational folks trying to hit the road this holiday weekend. gary morris owns this boat. when crossing toll booths he pays $8.50. that toll for him and thousands of others is about to go up. >> i don't like it, it's just i'm trying to live with it.
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just like everybody else has to. >> reporter: tomorrow the toll for three axle vehicles will rise from $6 to $10.50. from $8.25 to $14. prizes go up for five, six and seven axle vehicles. truckers can integrate the cost into business but recreational vehicles cannot. toll authorities officials say the extra money will be used to retrofit the bridges and set a decline on toll revenue. >> it's been a slow, very steady decline in toll paying traffic across the bridges over the past seven years now. >> reporter: price hikes for everything from tolls to transit didn't surprise many we spoke with. >> well they are going broke and they're trying to get money from everywhere they can. so this is what they do. >> reporter: tomorrow hybrid
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vehicles with yellow car pool stickers will no longer be able to drive in the car pool lane. new white stickers will be issued to all electric and some compressed gas stickers to allow those drivers to have car privileges. sal castaneda, ktvu news. public transit is also going to cost you more as of tomorrow. nummi is increasing the cost for a one day pass to $2. the cost of riding cable cars in san francisco is also going up by $1. and caltrain is adding 25-cents to its starting fares. the new state budget will send low offender inmates to jails. the governor's realignment plan aims to save california $400 million a year. san francisco county jails have about 300 spare beds to accommodate incoming offenders. and to help an old san bruno
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jail will be reopened. we will have to reopen the closed jail, probably in spring of 2012 and the annual cost is seven to $12 million a year. the realignment program only affects incoming low level nonviolent offenders who are convicted after october 1st. and you can see more from inside the san francisco county jail and the state budget impact right here on the bay area on just look for our video feed on the home page. a san francisco supervisor wants to know why families with children keep leaving the city. the latest census figures show the number of families has declined over the past 10 years even though the over all population is up. supervisor mark ferrell says he will hold a hearing with housing, schools and other officials later this year to try to look for some solutions. protecting the oceans with help from the public. that was the goal of a bay area
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meeting of the national oceanic and atmospheric group. they create a first ever national plan to improve the health of america's coastlines and the oceans beyond. >> educate people because it's the actions of many people along the coast that threaten many things that are in the ocean. >> the policy to be released next year is expected to include better monitoring of threatened species, protection for salmon and tougher marine sanction rules. it warmed up today out there. you noticed it a good 10 degrees in some places. the warm up is under way and it's hard to believe that just a couple of days ago we had record rainfall in san francisco and over an inch in oakland. we got the live weather sensor, and the winds are blowing west- southwest at about 18.
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as we go into a very warm bay area weekend, fog is going to play a big role. it'll be here for the morning but then it'll be gone. it'll start off cool, it'll be a bit breezy along the bay but the fog will burn off. as this high pressure builds in, it's going to be at the coast. the rip tides, this is the time of year the sun comes out. 700 some thousand people live in san francisco proper and they rush out to these beaches. ocean beach is one of those dangerous species in the countries for rip tides and just basic swimming. so beware as you go out to the beach. the fog is there, there's pacifica, there's half-moon bay. watch what happens the
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northerly gradient appears to move away from the coast. general warming trend as we go into the bay area weekend. that's the story. here's the deal, fire danger 4th of july weekend always a concern. we have in some places over an inch of rain a couple of days ago. so fuel moisture, that just tells you how much moisture is even in the dry grass. the fuel moistures are running relatively high. so that is good news for firefighters on this very worrisome weekend. fireworks, california dry. so the rain is helping out. so it's still high fire danger especially saturday, sunday and monday but it will not be as high as it would. the air quality is going to take a bit of a hit as well. i don't want to crack you down with fire danger and air quality, but the weekend is going to look great. >> maybe no fog for monday night for most. >> the fireworks are going to go off fine.
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i think there'll be fog but right at the coast. >> okay, thank you bill. bay area astronaut welhime is going to be on board the last shuttle mission. >> the next step is to go beyond lower torbid and we really need to take that step. >> reporter: atlantis will deliver spare parts and supplies to the international space station. a little root beer can go a long way. the big bucks raised today by the oakland a's annual root beer float fundraiser.
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i know you're worried about making your savings last and having enough income when you retire. that's why i'm here -- to help come up with a plan and get you on the right path. i have more than a thousand fidelity experts working with me so that i can work one-on-one with you. it's your green line. but i'll be there every step of the way. call or come in and talk with us today.
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root beer was flowing in oakland to help fight a growing disease. $25,000 was raised for the juvenile diabetes association. some a's players were also helping out. >> i can go for one of those right about now. mark is here now with sports. what a heartbreak er for the giants. >> they come on back to back days.
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today they were leading 1-0. a rare blown save for bryan wilson so they go into extra innings in 13. pablo sandoval puts one in the bleachers out there. giants lead it 2-1. but for the second time in the game a blown save. bottom of the 13th it comes down to this. ramon ramirez and it's darwin farney. in comes the tieing run now 2- 2. soto with the walk off shot down the left line. and the giants end up on the short end. in heartbreaking fashion to the chicago cubs. the longest tenure player in the oakland a's ellis is now a colorado rocky. after 10 years with the a's he was traded today for a minor league pitcher. before the game there was mark holding up to his commitments scooping up ice cream.
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the story julie told you about the root beer float stuff. the game didn't go so well for the a's. off a's trevor caihill. he has himself a two run double. and the a's do make a late bid to get back into the ball game. suzuki with a shot that will leave the yard. they cut it to 5-4 but that is the way it ended and that's the first time get this in over a month that the marlins have been struggling badly have won so much as two games in a row. they did it at the expense of the a's. the nba lock out as you heard earlier is in full effect. but before that, the warriors announced that lou adminson picked up his option. he will be back with the warriors whenever they start playing again. that's the sporting life for right now. >> mark, thank you. the bay area's tri valley is making a big push to attract green jobs. coming up on bay area news at 7:00 on tv 36. lawmakers were on hand in
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livermore for the opening of a place they're called i-gate. see how it will draw more people to an area hard hit by lay offs. >> is helping connect you with the fourth of july celebration. go to our facebook page, you will find a map of the fireworks show scheduled around the bay area this weekend. just go to the ktv links page.
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